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About FZCC

The Flinders Zero Carbon Community Inc (FZCC) is a group of residents from the Flinders area, similarly united in a growing concern about the increasing impacts of human induced global warming on our natural environment and the resulting effects on our communities, both locally and globally – with an equally strong desire for local action through the scaling of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy take-up. The battery project is just the beginning!


We are keen to encourage all Flinders people to do their bit for the climate and our environment.

A committee of about a dozen meet monthly to discuss actions we can take as well as plan projects such as obtaining a community battery for Flinders.

"Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to provide energy

for the entire planet for 24 years."



Our Mission

Our Purpose

  • Take actions to address climate change

  • Inform and educate the Flinders community on climate issues and promote positive solutions

  • To support Flinders community members in taking responsibility for community climate action

  • To join with other like-minded groups to share knowledge, to learn, and support widespread change


Action Taken

Much of our current energies are directed towards obtaining a community battery for Flinders. But since we launched FZCC at a public forum in mid-2021 our group has undertaken the following actions in support of our objectives:

  • Conducted 2 surveys and a Q&A Forum with Metro Community Power Hub to identify community interest in supporting a zero-carbon future (supported by Flinders Community Association)

  • Completed a Flinders Community Battery Feasibility Study (supported by Yarra Energy Foundation)

  • Presented a community forum on Electric Vehicles

  • Prepared a “Road Map” to provide a framework for our actions to reach zero-carbon (supported by Flinders Community Association)

  • Established Flinders Zero Carbon Community (FZCC) as an Incorporated Association, with intention to seek tax deductible status

  • Undertaken liaison with the Mornington Peninsula Shire and Repower

  • Encouraged the increased uptake of solar panels on homes in Flinders.

Our Mission

Our Community
Consultation Process

  • An important part of our mission is to ‘bring the community of Flinders along with us’. To achieve this we have been running public forums, posting information of the Flinders Community Association web site as well as Facebook, and talking directly to people via sausage sizzles and similar events.

  • A strong focus for 2023 is to involve the community in helping establish a community battery in Flinders. In May Mornington Peninsula Shire Council was awarded Federal Government funding for the battery, but a critical component of this project is to work with locals in deciding the best location for a battery as well as its modes of operation. To this end, a Community Reference Group will be established to assist with this process. If you are interested in being involved, then please head over to our
    Get Involved page. We’d love to hear from you!


The FZCC Committee

The FZCC committee comprises about a dozen people who meet monthly to discuss actions we can take as well as plan projects such as obtaining a community battery for Flinders. We are always keen to welcome new members who have some passion in helping reduce our carbon footprint. If you are interested then please contact us - we'd love to hear from you!

Interested in supporting FZCC?

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