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We have compiled a list of relevant documents, videos and resources that you might find useful. Please contact us if there's any further information you need or visit our FAQs.


Community Reference Group Reports

23 Nov, 2023: Agenda and Minutes for first CRG Meeting

Survey for feedback on battery locations

Here is the survey!

Images of potential battery sites

This PDF of potential battery sites (rather large - 38 MB - sorry!) shows images of each of the current 5 potential sites for our battery. It's a slow download but worth the wait. It presents pros and cons for each site that the  Community Reference Group is considering.


FZCC Roadmap

This Roadmap to 2030 for Flinders towards net zero, was commissioned in 2022 and presented at a community forum in 2023. It presents strategies to help us get to net zero carbon in Flinders by 2030.

Feasibility Study

Our Feasibility Study - 2022 was a detailed study carried out to analyse the feasibility of a community battery in Flinders.



Bulk Buy Information Session, May 4th, 2024

This information session presented our FZCC Bulk Buy scheme to about 50 Flinders residents. The aim being to encourage the uptake of solar and other electric appliances in their homes. We've split the session into 3 parts for your convenience!

Part 1: Welcome by Ralph Kenyon & Jon Pearce and an overview of the aims of FZCC and activities to date.

Play via YouTube or download zipped video file (162 MB; 9 min 40 sec).

Part 2: Trent Jones from All Electric Homes talks about their vision and how their process works to determine the optimal solar system for your house.

Play via YouTube or download zipped video file (354 MB; 15 min 23 sec)

Part 3: Josh Jones from All Electric Homes shows their home modelling software as well as answering questions from the audience.

Play via YouTube or download zipped video file (1.1 GB; 36 min 32 sec)

Community Forum November 25, 2023

This forum brought the community together to be brought up-to-date on the progress of our community battery. The forum ran for about 2.5 hours. These video clips are broken up according to each speaker at the forum.

Part 1: Marie Lakey (YEF) introduces the session and overviews the battery project

Play via YouTube or download zipped video file (79 MB)

Part 2: Jon Pearce (FZCC) overviews the history of the project and recent events

Play via YouTube or download video file (53 MB)

Part 3: Lachlan Hensy (YEF) talks techy about the battery

Play via YouTube or download video file (273 MB)

Part 4: Stephanie Delaney (MPSC) overviews the Council’s considerations

Play via YouTube or download video file (125 MB)

Part 5: Marie Lakey (YEF) talks about community engagement and project delivery 

Play via YouTube or download video file (53 MB)

Part 6: Marie Lakey (YEF) conducts a Q&A session

Play via YouTube or download video file (284 MB)

Flinders General Store displays

Just for those who are curious, here are videos that have been displaying in  the Flinders General Store window.

FGS display 1: FZCC Who Are We?

FGS display 2: Reduce Carbon Impact

FGS display 3: Renew Everything

FGS display 4: Our House

FGS display 5: Community Forum Poster - Community Battery

FGS display 6: Repower Your Home

FGS display 7: Electrify your home

FGS display 8: Get off gas - Induction hob

FGS display 9: Hot Water Service

Community Forum December 9, 2022

The following videos come from a Community Forum held in the Flinders Bowls Club on December 9, 2022. Some of the audio in these videos is not great, but stick with it, it gets better, especially in Parts 2 and 3 where our guest speakers had microphones!

Part 1: Intro by Ralph Kenyon

Part 2: The Roadmap by Taryn Lane

Part 3: Community Batteries by Chris Wallin

Part 4: The Shire perspective by Steph Delaney

Part 5: Q&A

External Links

Extenal links

Fitzroy Battery Project

This community battery project is located in Fitzroy North in the City of Yarra, Victoria. It is the testing grounds for Melbourne’s first inner-urban community battery.


Make the Switch to Electric

This email from Solar Victoria outlines many of the benefits of going electric and describes many of the programs that support investing in electric appliances. Lots of great links here, as well as a step-by-step guide to creating an all-electric home guides to the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your home.

Shifting Gear: The Path to Cleaner Transport

This Climate Council report tells more about Australia's transport system and how we can improve it (or download a PDF of the full report here). 

ANU's Battery Grid and Storage Program

This Knowledge Hub is your go-to resource for all things neighbourhood batteries provided by a research group at the Australian National University.

What are Mornington Peninsula's municipal's recent emissions?

You can access a snapshot here.

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