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Become an FZCC Member

By becoming a FZCC Member you will be helping to shape the direction of the community. Read more about membership here.

But we can't do all that without financial support. So we would really, really appreciate a donation if you can manage it. But even if that's not your thing, we want you to join us anyway!

So please choose from one of the two options below.

You can download a copy of our 'Model Rules' of incorporation here.  

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  • FZCC Family Donation Membership

    Every year
    We really appreciate you making this donation to help support the FZZC. You're helping getting Flinders to zero carbon. Thank you!
    • Influence the future direction of FZCC
    • Discounts to our paid events
    • Support local community action
  • Free FZCC Individual Membership

    No charge - just join up!
    Free Plan
    • You get all our emails
    • Access to our special events/features
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