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Want a good deal on heat pumps? Solar panels? Induction cooktops?

We are keen to get small groups of residents together to discuss how to go about buying things such as hot water heat pumps, solar panels, batteries, and maybe other energy efficient appliances. We are exploring the opportunity to have some installation experts address the community to demonstrate how electrifying your home can be achieved. 

Electrifying your home might mean removing gas appliances, new installations or adjustments to your existing infrastructure and appliances.  Electrifying your home could bring specific benefits to you including; reduced energy costs, reduced carbon emissions, more locally produced energy and adding value to your home. Our sessions would aim to demonstrate how investments in electrification provide some or all of these benefits together with information on the likely return on investment and pay back periods based on the options that are available to you.

We appreciate that most Flinders residents prefer to deal with local, reliable trades and in conjunction with the Shire and Mornington Peninsula Repower we believe that we have sourced a company that can provided competitively priced services that may meet your needs.


The easiest way to stay informed about these activities is to click on this link where you will be able to tell us a little bit about your interests. There’s nothing scary here, but it will let us keep contact with you and inform you about what activities we plan.


We are keen to get several discussions happening during the year, but we want them to fit in with people’s expectations and desires, so any feedback you can give us will be much appreciated.


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