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Flinders Bulk Buy Scheme 

Bulk buying for all - including Shoreham residents!

Go straight to the All Electric Homes Flinders page for an Instant Solar Proposal


Flinders Solar Bulk Buy Scheme 

To complement the installation of the Flinders Community Battery we, together with Repower Mornington Peninsula, have partnered with All Electric Homes to offer volume discounts of solar panels to the people of Flinders.


If you are considering installing solar, this is a great opportunity for you.

And it’s not just for Flinders residents - we are making this offer available to Shoreham residents too!


More than just solar is on offer

Here is also a chance to upgrade your lighting, replace gas appliances with energy efficient electric options such has heat pump hot water services, split system air conditioning and induction cooktops.  Volume discounts may apply to some of these items as well.


How it works

Follow this link to receive an Instant Solar Proposal.  If you like what you see, take the next step for an assessment of your property and a tailored quote.  The sign-up period for this offer is from mid-April to mid-July.  Depending on the number of sign-ups, Trent from All Electric Homes will calculate the savings he is able to pass on to Flinders residents.  The more signups, the greater the discount.


Discount structure

Pricing is based on an average 10 kilowatt system with no additional upgrades to infrastructure.  The more people who sign up - the greater the discount. The price for a 10 kW system would normally be $1,150 per kW but our deal is $900 per kW.

(This was originally going to be dependent on the number who commit, but the response to this campaign  has already been so strong that the AEH guys have given us their maximum discount regardless!)

* Pricing structure does not include the Solar Vic rebate or Solar Vic loan.

Why choose All Electric Homes?

AEH are a reputable Mornington Peninsula company who are vetted by and have worked for the Mornington Shire Council. Their workforce deals with all aspects of achieving energy efficient homes. They offer:


1. Top-Quality Products

AEH partners with industry-leading brands to bring you cutting-edge, reliable products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


2. Expert Guidance

The team of experienced professionals guide you every step of the way, from product selection to installation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.


3. Sustainable Solutions

From energy-efficient lighting to renewable energy sources, AEH offer sustainable solutions that not only benefit your wallet but also the planet.


4. Customised Packages

Every home is unique, and so are your electrification needs. AEH customisable packages cater to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the perfect solution tailored to your lifestyle.


Now jump to the All Electric Homes Flinders page for an Instant Solar Proposal

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