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Flinders Solar Bulk Buy Launch! May 4th, 10:30 am

Updated: Apr 25

The Flinders Solar Bulk Buy Scheme is being launched at an Information Session on Saturday May 4th, 10:30 am in the new Civic Hall (56 Cook St, Flinders). And this scheme is open to Shoreham residents too!

To complement the installation of the Flinders Community Battery Repower Mornington Peninsula and its satellite group Flinders Zero Carbon Community has partnered with All Electric Homes to offer volume discounts of solar panels to the people of Flinders and Shoreham.

The pricing structure will be based on the price per kW of solar panels installed by the number of Flinders residents who sign up for this discount. In addition, All Electric Homes can upgrade your lighting, replace gas appliances with energy efficient electric options: heat pump hot water services, split system air conditioning and induction cooktops.

More details of the scheme, including indicative pricing, can be found on our Web page here.

So come along on Saturday May 4th at 10:30 am to hear from the good folks at All Electric Homes. They will explain the scheme to us, take us through the process of getting a solar system installed on your house using their very cool software to model the energy performance of your home. They will be happy to answer all manner of questions regarding choice of systems, government rebates, the installation process as well as information on low cost loans.

And if you plan to come on Saturday, please drop us a line at to help us estimate numbers. Thanks - that helps a lot!


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